Dr. Virginia Rivas Champion is the lead vocalist of Virginia y Valor. She has been influenced by the sounds of Tejano and Conjunto music, Mariachis, Trios, and a variety of other music genres throughout her life. Dr. Champion is also an accomplished professional in the field of education, yet her deep interest in music and singing led her to establish the group Virginia y Valor in 2018.  

Virginia y Valor debuted with Como Han Pasado Los Anos on the "2019 Studio Sessions" album by Tejano Highway 281 and their "Amor Mio" album in 2020. Their latest 2021 CD, "Adelante", includes new original music and collaborations with other artists on "La Reina Es El Rey" featuring Shelly Lares and the bilingual version of "My Angel Baby" featuring Toby Beau (Balde Silva), the original vocalist/musician and co-writer who is first cousin to Virginia .

Their first music video for "Soledad" was released in 2023. This song was #1 on the Tejano Music Lives Here Radio Network for 3 consecutive weeks and the music video was on Mas Chingon Radio's Tejano TV Top 10 Music Video Countdown for a total of 9 weeks an currently takes the #4 spot on the chart. 

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Conjunto, Tejano Conjunto, and Other Musical Influences  

The word "conjunto" is a Spanish word that refers to a musical style or genre of music, and it can also refer to a group, like one of my favorite conjuntos, Eva Ybarra y Su Conjunto. The core instruments in a Tejano Conjunto band or group include the accordion, bajo sexto, bass, and drums. Tejano music involves more instrumentation and modern influences from other genres, such as latin pop, rock, rhythm and blues, and hip hop.  What type of other genres or modern popular music do you think will influence Conjunto or Tejano music in the next decade?  

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Adelante 2021

Amor Mio 2020

Solo Con El

La Reina Es El Rey, Feat. Shelly Lares

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Tejano Roots Induction Ceremony 2022